Mindfulness and breathing

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is essentially being aware of your surroundings and being present in that moment, aiming to focus on and appreciate the feelings and emotions that result from that awareness. Our children, especially in early years, are hungry for our attention and I’m sure you have noticed that they can see when we… Continue reading Mindfulness and breathing

UPDATE: Summer 2022

UPDATE: Regular weekly sessions are currently on hold. I have recently accepted a new part time job as a student assistant in a primary school and will be starting a child minding business week days during school term times. Due to these changes I am putting regular Wild Fife Babies and Bairns sessions on hold… Continue reading UPDATE: Summer 2022

WhatsApp Group

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week I have set up a WhatsApp group to bring together Wild Fife Babies and Bairns’ parents and carers: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Ht9aCWdfjuU3AnfFKlqSMU or scan QR code below. The theme of this week is loneliness and I know how lonely it can be as a new parent. Also, many parents and carers… Continue reading WhatsApp Group

Shout out for Mums!

Come and join us on Leven Beach, meeting at Silverburn Park for a special event – Shout out for Mums! Book via All money raised will be donated to Silverburn Park. The event is open to Mums/ carers of any age children (not just babies and bairns).

New Booking System

Wild Fife Babies and Bairns now has a new booking system. You can visit the booking page on this site or you can check out https://bookwhen.com/wildfifebb Block passes are available also, please see: https://bookwhen.com/wildfifebb/passes


Wild Fife Babies and Bairns have a new website! Check out our new site and let us know what you think. New venture for Wild Fife Babies and Bairns – Birthday Parties! Today Wild Fife Babies & Bairns did their first Birthday Party! It was a long term plan for us for 2022, but the… Continue reading News